Ain’t stereotypes lovely :)

Let me just tell y’all… I DONT like stereotypes at all. Like at all. They get on my nerves and drive me crazy. Northerners never wanna get to know someone before saying something about them they just automatically think that since someone lives somewhere or hangs out with those people that they like everything those people like and wanna do everything they wanna do. Everyone always says “since you’re from the south you must love KFC, fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, and sweet tea. Then im over here like umm…….. not actually I don’t like KFC, or fried chicken, some mashed potatoes are good but mostly… ew noo… i do not like green beans would prefer never to see another green beans in my life, and as for sweet tea i like sweet tea with mango in it from sonic and sometimes like the sweet tea my family makes.

“It isn’t all fried chicken and gravy laden biscuits” Southern food isnt all that fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, biscuits, and sweet tea. Its more than that ” true southern food is neither fatty nor simple” there is more to it then grease and throwing stuff on a plate and eating it. And anyways “frying is more prevalent in colder climate” (cough cough the north). So i really wanna know why the northerners wanna judge us southerners saying we love our fried chicken just because KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken doesn’t mean that everyone in the south loves that stuff… GOSH…. gettin on my nerves and such. Whenever my family does big family meals it is usually steak, lobster, crab, seafood pasta, ribs, fruit salad, cranberry salad, cheesecake, chinese food, mexican food, or pizza. And mexican food is my absolute favorite of all times.


I’m from the south and this food doesn’t even look good to me. Well unless that was something my grandmother cooked then I better tell them it looks more than good it looks delicious because if not im gonna get grounded, a two-hour lecture, and a whole lot of more chores and honestly i rather eat it gagging then all that happen to me. i said ewww one time and you better believe that was the one and only time i said that. i was only like 6 when i said it and i still remember it to this day. you don’t play around with food in our house. and you definitely 100% do not say no or ewww to grandmas food.




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